Vendredi 08 juillet 2011

Lens colour

Lens colour Usually, lens colour can rise to the following oakley two kinds of action one: ♦ increase visual contrast (thus improve depth perception), or... ♦ help the wearer keep oakley glasses color differentiation in practical ability (this environment is probably the most key advantages) In all kinds of color, Oakley lenses provide a lot Oakley Active Sunglasses of options. Athletes can according to the specific conditions of the Olympic project choice of appropriate lenses to optimize given environment Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles colour, the visual effect, and achieve the best level. Oakley (note, provide interchangeable lens design, makes the players can real-time Oakley Polarized Goggles adjustments. This in the variable weather conditions is very important.) Oakley Air & Style boiling snow in the night by 2010 championship will be held in Beijing, limited wavelength of artificial lights Oakley Polarized Sunglasses sale will reduce the accuracy of visual clarity and perception. Oakley for "drab light" environmental design special lens color (" drab light "refers to the limited wavelength of light, such as the cloudy or artificial light Oakley Snow Goggles sale environment, as a result of the vision contrast is reduced, spatial dimensions can appear drab and flat). Hi Hi Intensity with Yellow Intensity Persimmon lens is athletes attended events of the favorites. By night These lenses color can raise the visual contrast in dim light and visual clarity. Athletes can also choose excellent protection Oakley sport Sunglasses sale properties of Oakley clear lenses.
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Jeudi 07 juillet 2011

Skiing glasses

Skiing glasses Skiing mirror divided into the mountains mirror, diving platform mirror, cross-country mirror, free mirror etc. Because of the snow, plus reflecting oakley sunlight is very severe cold in the taxi to eyes hurt is very big, so need to ski mirror to protect the skier's eyes. Skiing mirror should have the following features: First, prevent to eyes stimulation; wind Second, prevent ultraviolet right eye burns; Third, mirror can have the fog; Fourth, after the fall skiing lens oakley gascan face should not cause damage. According to the requirements, should try to choose full closing skiing lens, the ski mirror appearance, but not like a mask, the nose buckle. Outer frame TPU materials, good toughness and clingy facial, prevent into can wind. Mirror by Oakley Water Goggles plating has prevent mist, uv coating made non-ferrous materials, the material very soft, hard distortion and distortion, to ensure without fracturing to hit when will not lens face damage. In addition, outer frame made along the useful breathable sponge, in order Oakley sport Sunglasses to make air holes of facial skin hot exhaust, guarantee the scattered to mirror mirror has good visual effect. With the development of science and technology, skiing Oakley Snow Goggles lenses are by a single development for double, never frost prevention to frost prevention, can apply to all kinds of weather conditions. General different weather conditions, we choose different light transmittance lenses skiing, to oakleys sunglasses ensure that the ski safety. Cloudy and cloudy days weather, suggestion choice light transmittance of orange and yellow high, dark brown department lens; Sunny suggestion choice transmission rate and low green, gray department lens. For shortsighted skier, suggestion choice specifically for myopia crowd, the design of skiing mirror inside the space is large, ski mirror Cheap Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles frames a bit thick in the snow, both sides have used exclusively card frame glasses leg recess. This wearing method, it is very convenient for myopia crowd, if glasses is bigger, like plate frame's glasses, often wearing uncomfortable, especially after motion, glasses, killing TongRen and shaking in the center of the Cheap Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses glasses together, unable to focus is flawed.
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Mercredi 06 juillet 2011

The domestic many imitation basketball brand

The domestic many imitation basketball brand
To love sports nearsighted friends, it is always a troublesome things glasses, there are nearly in sports glasses were wrecked experience, light oakley just glasses deformation, heavy cause glasses damage, eyeball and facial injuries, in recent years, with movement from western introduced to China and goggles glasses in sports fans start basketball slowly popularization, but now many traditional oakleys optician's tapes inside or traces of basketball glasses, here the author this piece of basketball glasses strategy hope to give to friends help with basketball glasses.
Basketball is really the best brand of goggles, American force beauty goggles [in 1979 learn pokwong Rec Specs movement launched headed into sports glasses goggles area for engaging in special activities and sports people provided convenience and safety eye protection. Meanwhile, it is also the earliest through the national glasses Oakley Active Sunglasses standard testing (the world's most rigorous standards) sports glasses in the United States, and goggles world sports glasses have dominated 65% market share. In America's NBA famous "days hook" jabba the son, "cobra" grant and serie a oakley frogskins midfielder Davis, equip the movement is force pokwong learn goggles.
South Korea is outside the United States do basketball glasses comparison famous places, compare the SKY, which is famous for Oriental special glasses is of the face design, suit to bridge of the nose of asians are shot.
The domestic many imitation basketball brand, including famouser is BASTO (bond and degrees), UNIA (optimal Aeneas), card, bradamante KALLO (keller.when), from oakley ski goggles work and quality are similar.
Walter beautiful basketball glasses biggest advantage is flexibility is very good, comfortable wearing, walter beautiful basketball glasses material is added the third and distinctive materials, so acid material safety and comfort are best, to face larger friends, it only walter beauty have king-size basketball glasses offer, while domestic oakley clothes brand are only suitable for medium face friend, walter beauty, the highest prices of basketball
The official uniform retails for 1880, suitable for rice more friends.
South Korea SKY basketball glasses advantages is designed for Oriental design of myopic degree, more than 500 degrees for many friends, match walter beauty or domestic brand will have a set of discomfort, main is a basketball glasses prescription oakley sunglasses is relatively large, radian closer to stick a face, so it's easy to produce the prism effect, and South Korea SKY basketball glasses radian, closer to compare flat wearing glasses at ordinary times, so high myopia wear the best results from work, say, when walter beauty and domestic brands, picture frame between the price of 300 to 500 in between roughly.
Shanghai friend can to YOOFACE fashion glasses fang buy basketball glasses, is walter beauty, there are also recommended retail of South Korea and Oakley Active Sunglasses sale domestic brand basketball glasses, also provide professional sports glasses shops home.
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Jeudi 30 juin 2011

Have to mention is the lens

Have to mention is the lens Beijing time 27 July afternoon, the world famous sports glasses Oakley (Mr Francescoli) brand in Beijing 798 art zone held a grand product launches, shows the high-end sports oakley products in 2009 -- Jawbone series. This product in this year's tour DE France race, many world-class stars shine like Armstrong, zinn bonobo use this product such as in the game to participate in the competition. Having attended qinghai lake cycling team of China's first professional team - Marco Polo team also came to the conference site, about his wear glasses on the game oakley glasses new Jawbone feel. Jawbone is Mr Francescoli company brand-new launched one of landmark products. Relying on optics technology innovation, Jawbone for the world's best athletes provided in any light conditions and environment of comfort. Mr Francescoli will deliver high technology HDO (Switchlock (lenses with change system) technology Oakley Water Goggles combine to make the athletes can very easily and quickly replacement lenses. This product is called the greatest Oakley company excellent product, will be on August 1, 2009 after putting mainland China market. The event, organized by Beijing trek oakley uk bikes bicycle company to undertake. Domestic several brand price and work are not high, almost for degree is not high and the quality requirement of the friends, it should be a good choice, picture frames price in more than 100 to 200 between. Defect is flexility, partial sunglasses oakley product chuck are serious, another is not suitable for highly several people friends. Have to mention is the lens, all basketball or football goggles strongly suggest safety PC lens, I suggest you do not covet petty gain match because ordinary resin lens, resin lens in collision may still be broken and damage under the eyes, PC for high safety level lenses, like walter beauty, sports glasses are specified in the center of 3MM Cheap Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles thick on road customized lens. For limited budget and to ensure the security of friends, can choose single hardened safety PC lens, the price is in 200 head, hardened add membrane security lens in market price is between 400 to 500. Current check with basketball glasses hypostatic store is still very scarce, this is very regretful matter, because basketball glasses with difficulty than ordinary check-up, suggest you to compare glasses shops check with it, because entity Cheap Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses according to professional basketball glasses the radian of different basketball glasses, each of whom myopic degree astigmatism, face different, need to make adjustments for glasses, otherwise, it will bring wear does not adapt the problem. Currently walter beauty in sports glasses parts of the city have recommended retail, YOOFACE fashion glasses Cheap Oakley Polarized Sunglasses lane in Shanghai for walter recommended retail beauty.
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Mercredi 29 juin 2011

A Charles Oakley (Oakley) brand story

A Charles Oakley (Oakley) brand story Sunglass is not only a block out the sun tools, also plays a role - other adornment. For those who have a strong desire for self oakley promotion for a more sunglasses, "fashion statement" and individualism expression means. Believe like be cool, you must know that Charles Oakley (Oakley) this brand? The film "hacker empire Oakley) dark sunglasses (Charles Oakley has also been one of the no-brainer. Will players And speak of professional sports lens, the personage oakley gascan inside course of study also natural remember Charles Oakley (Oakley). Charles Oakley (Oakley) early special launched multipurpose sunglasses series for hobbies skiing, windsurfing, running with activists. Charles Oakley (Oakley) launched in clothing Oakley Water Goggles and shoes series more, craze in America. About two years ago in Hong Kong pop X - goldmine, this famous sport brand was first introduced to domestic and become a all the sports players eventually object, Charles Oakley (Oakley) was the first time oakley half jacket enter the mainland. Extreme sport brand Oakley to celebrate the milestone, the 35th oakley frogskins anniversary of brand published "Oakley a-one Icon that Collection" series products, maintaining brand core idea "Technology package Wrapped Art" Technology, Art, music, combining with sports concept such as Art, fashion, to paraphrase classic goods and prescription oakley sunglasses new design. Charles Oakley (Oakley) because movie "hacker empire and was BaoYou are well-known, and of big this year heat glue box series is limited to get sold their brand, classic co-branded made a series Frogskin style is one of type tide will Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles sale have the option to have voted, BaoYou? Charles Oakley (Oakley) recently revealed he and Jeff Jeff Staple), taber (co-branded glasses second song series. This series which 2: one of The inspiration from The classic design of Oakley Razor Blade, and use The SWITCHLOCK ™ technology Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses sale enables wear more comfortable, and Jeff Staple hand draw design is made every eye glasses are unique. This series of another kind of white collocation chromatic Oakley Snow Goggles sale stripe is adopted, chao flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
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Mardi 28 juin 2011

Charles Oakley Oakley glasses profile

Charles Oakley Oakley glasses profile
In 1975, by Jim Jane Oakley nader and oakley basketball star Michael Jordan organizes together. From 1975 to 1980, Oakley has been to produce glasses for the protection of rally driver mainstream. After years of design, manufacture and market demand of experience, they used a high-tech oakley glasses and intelligent crystallization and create a series of high-performance fashion glasses. Today, Oakley in global has more than 600 patent and 800 registered trademark, it glasses products include (M - frame,
Zeros, E - Eye - both Wires, Metal, Overthetop, X - series), and all Oakley Water Goggles the series Oakley glasses, all in the domestic production, the assembly, examines and packaging, to ensure the quality of Oakley glasses absolutely correct.
Charles Oakley Oakley glasses profile
OAKLEY glasses for glasses products concept is that it took the glasses, subverting the comfortable sex, practical and artistic oakley uk fusion. Whether the product design or selection of material, through a series of advanced scientific experiment and testing, make sure it is comfortable and high oakley clothing quality, and make function and fashionable fusion.
OAKLEY fashion
"Simply said, OAKLEY fashion is to the innovation fascinated, is to challenge all the enthusiasm of the rules, we burn to technological innovation Oakley Snow Goggles sale on the fanaticism of the hobby and technology for OAKLE rigid precision
With unique set Y science, art, insolence6 traditional thinking challenge cultural heritage and very obsession. "
OAKLEY first used it the most famous senior vice sun glasses series shows us this remarkable enthusiasm. OAKLEY sunglasses is always in Oakley sport Sunglasses sale science and technology field, for the application of advanced technology lead them over and over again, and was beyond those limits, of the world's top athletes in a different projects in all possible trial, the case imaginable test.
"These wear OAKLEY sunglasses athletes, are worthy of respect." OAKLEY think they represent the OAKLEY fashion spirit, and lists the Cheap Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles Lance Armstrong as proof.
Lance Armstrong (Lance Armstrong) is the world's most famous cyclist of his legendary has far from fashion or genius can be described.
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